Muscle car for the unmuscular

We don’t own a car. I haven’t owned a car since before I met Jess. In England I would drive a car club car about once per week:

Jess by a car club car whilst holding a lettuce.

Jess by a car club car whilst holding a lettuce.

But this is a car journey and we are on a road trip. Currently, we are residing in Onalaska until the boring things are sorted out but we want to get ourselves a car that is comfortable for our long trip ahead.┬áSo we borrowed from Jess’s sister, a Dodge Charger. I think it was an SXT which might not count as a “muscle car” but the next one up with a “hemi” engine definitely is one.

I must say I liked it a lot:

Whether we can afford one is another matter but a car that stops us getting lost (or is at least comfortable when we do) is what we’re looking for.

Money can buy happiness.

Money can buy happiness.

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