Day 78: Rural Florida and Alabama

We had one more dip in the gulf and then unfortunately had to carry on. I do like traveling, but this was hard to leave:

2015-08-24 07.45.33

The Gulf of Mexico in the Morning

Almost as soon as we left the coast, the Florida panhandle got very rural very fast:

2015-08-24 12.05.02-1


2015-08-24 11.24.12

We crossed into our 30th state, Alabama. Have a look at some graffiti on the sign:

2015-08-24 12.09.37 Alabama was very, very rural as well. We were only on an interstate for about 10 minutes, and a few of the roads were more like this: 2015-08-24 12.19.53 We saw a cotton field, which neither of us had ever seen before. Alabama is known for its cotton:2015-08-24 12.59.21 2015-08-24 13.03.12

The 4G signal was very rarely usable during this drive. It often dropped down to 1X, which basically means ‘no’.

The only town proper we went through till reaching our hotel was Troy, which houses a university:
2015-08-24 14.59.19

Check out the video which features a very chatty woman from rural Florida:

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