Day 76: Venice and Tampa, Florida

After an excellent night in Naples, we headed north. The first city we checked out, Venice, turned out to mainly because retirement or snowbird community, that is, many people with homes there live in the north of the US most of the year and come down during the winter. As a result, there were many blocks of flats. It does have quite an excellent beach:

wpid-20150822_124034.jpg wpid-20150822_124041.jpg wpid-20150822_125151.jpg


We went onto Tampa. I remember doing to Tampa in 2010 for a cruise with my friends and thinking there wasn’t a lot to the city center, a bit like Des Moines, where you get there and few things present themselves in an obvious way. This was the most noticeable building:



The suburbs we went to looked a bit like this:


It’s not a tech hub and didn’t pull us in any other way, so we probably won’t be moving there.

We had to go inland to go much further since there are just some beach-less areas that are green on the map, which usually means nature preserve or similar. We ended up in a Days Inn in Brooksville that I can recommend from the point of view of it being a good hotel, but there was absolutely nothing there other than a hotel forest and a grocery store, so unless you just need a stop like we did, I’m not sure what most people would be doing there.

Check out the video:

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