Day 30 Part 1: Delaware

The next day we traveled through the state of Delaware. It is the second smallest state in terms of size, so it was not hard to do nearly the whole state and go back to Val’s in Pennsylvania in the same day.

2015-07-07 12.22.33-2

We drove in and things changed immediately. The effect of the Quaker laws still on the books in Pennsylvania became obvious immediately. Anything vice related was on immediate display, like cheap(ish) liquor stores, cigarette places and so on. They also had a load of car dealerships since they have no sales tax. It seems that people from Pennsylvania cross the border regularly to get things more cheaply or (somewhat) more conveniently.

Our first stop was a housing development that was still in progress. We spoke to a realtor. It sounds like for about what our flat in England costs, we could get someone to build us a whole house from one of several designs to our specifications in the middle of Delaware. She said the company was run out of Texas and did houses down there too. They looked like pretty excellent houses, so we will keep that in mind.

Have a look at the video:

2 thoughts on “Day 30 Part 1: Delaware

  1. Mary and Tom Baumgarten

    I have been enjoying your videos and commentaries. I have never been in Delaware and it looks like a nice state.

    Actually, I would recommend MN or LaCrosse, WI as excellent places to live.

    LOL, Aunt Mary

    1. Chris

      Thank you very much!

      MN and WI are indeed very nice and quite different from other parts of the Midwest. We ended up talking about the south Midwest and the north east Midwest which got a bit confusing.

      The video today is about crossing into Vermont which i learned was the start of New England.

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