Day 28: Cats and Quakers

We got back so late from the farce of July that we slept quite late and got very little done Sunday. My friend slept most of the day and Chris and I slept past 10, which we rarely do. After that, we were in a bit of a daze till we got around to getting some massages from Taiji AcuCare, a Chinese massage place (located at 1184 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA), which was very effective and reasonably priced for the area at 60 dollars an hour. While we were waiting for our mid afternoon appointments, we had lunch at a really nice hibachi buffet, Ichiban Buffet & Grill. I didn’t know hibachi came in buffet form, but this managed to mostly work anyway. You just picked what you wanted from the buffet, and then got the chef to prepareĀ it in front of you. Very nice:

2015-07-05 13.34.57

We also hung out with Val’s cats a lot more:

2015-07-05 01.48.15

Lovely Olivia

Check out a video of Chris’s current feelings on Pennsylvania:

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